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20 Constantly Rotating Taps
200+ Cans & Bottles

We feature 20 taps: 16 of the best Craft Beer and Cider with an emphasis on local offerings (shout out NYC) and 4 taps dedicated to pouring a rotating selection of European offerings.

Enjoy our Patio, Bar, Cozy Seating, or Take To Go

Our Fridges aren’t fishes, but if they were, they’d be stocked to the gills. We carry over 200 package selections (bottles and cans) of craft beers, ciders, seltzers, and the occasional hard kombucha.  Everything in our fridges is available for to-go or for on-site consumption (with a small corkage fee).


We can’t live on (liquid) bread alone. So, we offer a small but tight selection of reds, whites, roses, and the bubbly stuff—order by the glass or by the bottle for the table.

Wine Selection

Non-Alcoholic Options

Some nights are school nights. Not everyone drinks, nor does everyone want to drink all the time. We’re happy to offer a large selection of non-alcoholic beers, sodas, sparkling beverages, and canned mocktails. Pop open one of these instead.

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